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Children's Parties

Our Speciality is children's parties. We cater for ages 4 to 13 and our party events follow this format:

The birthday boy/girl receives a present and the other children will be given a “prize bag” with their name on it.  During the party various games are played and the sweets and gifts won by the children are placed in their bags which they take home.  Every child will go home with something.

100 Free Glowsticks worth

 £15 with every booking
Towards the end of the first session we will stage a disco dancing competition playing songs from artistes the children will be very familiar with, e.g. Steps, S Club 7, Robbie Williams, Britney Spears, Billie, etc. where we will award certificates to the finalists and present a trophy - "The SAN Best Disco Dancer Award" - to the overall winner.
We have a varied selection of themes for our children's discos depending upon the ages of the children and the type of atmosphere you wish to create. Party games are an essential feature at all our children's discos with all prizes supplied at no extra cost. The theme of the disco is based around the type of music most appreciated by your young guests.
For the youngest of party goers a programme of traditional nursery rhymes, sing-a-long songs and those ever popular party hits including Macarena, Star Trekkin, Superman, Time Warp and YMCA, always prove to be popular.
There are 4 types of children’s party options:     

Standard Package - 2hrs Disco Only Standard
Package Plus - 2hrs Disco, Games and Prizes
Gold Package - Same as Standard Plus with 2hrs of Bouncy Castle fun include
Gold Package Plus - Same as Gold Package with the following extras

We can supply everything from a themed boxed lunch to a traditional party tea, as well as interesting buffets to keep the parents happy!
Our catering can be tailor-made to your theme and we will accommodate special dietary requirements, All our produce is of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on our imaginative, mouth-watering party food.

All we ask of you is to book the hall that is closer to you and preferable and also send out the Invitation. And SAN entertainment will take care of the rest.

Please do remember that we will make a party to suit any budget so please call us for a price list -

Don't delay - Book today!

If you want your party to be the event of the year call 0800 2118712  or complete the enquiry form.

Please note - some halls do not allow smoke machines

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