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Wedding Discos

SAN Entertainments specialises in Wedding Discos and are one of the UK’s most experienced companies for Weddings.

We believe in your special day being a memory that will live with you forever, and with no chance of a rehearsal. We know it needs to be right 1st time. Our Wedding Discos are tailored to your own individual needs as all weddings are different. Your special day does not want to be ruined by choosing the wrong person for the job.
How many times have you been to a Wedding and asked the DJ to play a song and he tells you it will be on ‘later’ or ‘in a minute’, to find in fact it is never played because he hasn’t got it. SAN Entertainment DJ’s carries music from all decades and most of the popular songs we have with us. Our Wedding Discos also ask prior to the ‘big day’ for requests list from the happy couple. We do this for two reasons, the first being we can promise you the songs that you want to dance to and the second being that with that list we can judge the type of music you and your guests are into and with this information we can work the night around your tastes.

Our Wedding Discos at SAN Entertainment are without doubt one of the best on the Mobile Discos circuit. With the latest lightshows running DMX Lighting, LED Lighting and Laser Lighting, your friends and family will be wowed by the lighting shows we do. We also offer mood lighting for your first dance so that special photo of the evening will look great.
Along with this the latest in Sound Equipment is used. Our sound system is state of the art and makes you feel the artist is in the room with you. Also we have volume knob which means we can adjust the volume to the time of the night and judge the noise levels to the crowds meaning when your guests want to sit and chat at the start of the night, the noise levels will be kept low.

Our DJ’s have the talent and knowledge to get the party started and will even party with you. Those great wedding party songs can be arranged in the middle of the night for your guests to dance to. And if we feel the need at the start of the night we will entertain the younger guests with some fun action party songs.

Along with all this SAN Entertainment can offer you the All Day Package where we will be more than happy to supply background soft music throughout the Wedding Breakfast and supply Radio Microphones for the speeches. Unlike many other Disco Companies we can supply 100% genuine references and supply you with Names and Numbers of people who will give us glowing references of what we achieved on their special day.

With all this can you afford to have anyone else for your special day with anyone else?