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Roadshow Name: Blues Brothers Tribute.

duo to the cult film that we all know and love 'The Blues Brothers'.
 the Brothers storm the stage with a cavalcade of hits, routines & fun!  As a result they have become renowned in the entertainment industry for their performances, professionalism and clients satisfaction!

They really are the best at what they do - and what they do is guarantee you a GREAT NIGHT!

A partnership forged from many years of musical experience, these guys will create
A dynamic atmosphere with their unique brand of party humour with a touch of arrogance thrown into the soup for good measure.

Main Course.
     A truly authentic tribute Blues Brothers Tribute.

      Featuring the original dance routines and incorporating many new ideas.
                                    Robert “ Elwood ” Blues.
This ex- Rock singer from the 80’s will power out the songs from the two movies with ease.
                                           Dave “ Jake ” Blues.
A dancing, whirling dervish ladies man who like tonights gravy gets everywhere!
“Just watching this guy makes you sweat”
   The “ Sexy ” Soulettes.
The sexy Soulettes are our female backing dancers, these girls will keep all eyes fixed to any stage all night long, and they will not only steal the show but your hearts too.


Like the best dessert you’ve ever had you’ll want more, which is what keeps our audiences You will leave at the end of this Blues Brothers Show feeling full and contented, but just coming back time and time again.

This Jake & Elwood are encased in a 15ft American Flag Backdrop, Side Flags and Banner, Police Lights, Stage Lighting and an awesome array of stage props that sets the scene and atmosphere before the show has even begun.

 A must for any sweet toothed music lover Top Class entertainment !!!  

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Sample Track

Sample Track

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