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Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson

Artist Information :

Artist Name: Stuart Anderson

Roadshow Name: Serendipity

SERENDIPITY : means 'a chance meeting with a positive outcome', which is just what happened when Stuart Anderson & Lyn Fredrick met and decided to combine their talents into the band that is now Serendipity.

Stuart and Lyn are two of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They're a joy to listen to and they will always be welcome on any of my shows !

PARTY BAND : Their versatility means they have played successful parties for 18 year olds and 80 year olds. Anniversaries, special occasions, family get together's, Christmas, corporate events are all within their experience and capabilities

WEDDINGS : Serendipity are perfect for weddings and provide a comprehensive service. MORE HERE

SONGS : Serendipity have a musical repertoire which runs into the hundreds & includes classic songs from the 60s right up to recent chart hits. From Frank Sinatra to the Fratellis! They perform jazz with ease & skill & their styles cover blues, funk, pop, rock & even reggae!

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