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Mobile Disco & Karaoke
At NO EXTRA COST we will provide a top quality Pro Sound System, JVC Karaoke DVD VCD, CDG, CD Player, and television screens. There are over 15000 songs to choose from which are listed in alphabetical order by artist and song title from Abba to ZZ top. This collection is updated as and when new discs become available.                                                100 Free Glowsticks worth
 £15 with every booking
Why not add KARAOKE to your next party or function? It's sure to be a crowd pleaser, and anyone can be a star. KARAOKE is a great way for people of all ages to have a good time. We provide an MC and all the equipment. The MC runs the equipment and sets the pace of the show.

Our DJ's helps to keep everyone involved. With our state of the art equipment, and professional services, your party can come alive with KARAOKE! Be the star of the show at your next party! Our state of the art KARAOKE system is a great addition to our DJ services.

Whether you require just a basic Karaoke, a top quality Karaoke or a Disco and Karaoke or something in between, SAN Entertainmnet can provide you with the show you are looking for, to suit most budgets.

Our KARAOKE system features...

A large music library.

Video monitor to show you the lyrics.

Professional microphones that help you sound like a pro.

Whatever occasion it is you choose, you can be sure that you are receiving a top quality karaoke on the day and compare that is unrivalled.

Don't delay - Book today!

If you want your party to be the event of the year call 0800 2118712  or complete the enquiry form.

Please note - some halls do not allow smoke machines